Hot Mess Studio is a full service salon


Looking for the dramatic effect that false lashes give, without having to apply them yourself every day? Then we have what you are looking for….. Eyelash extensions. At Hot Mess Studio we offer several options for your eyelash needs. Our staff is certified in Novalash and Extreme Lashes. We pride ourselves on providing an amazing and knowledgeable experience. We offer 2 different styles of lash application, the classic set is one extension per natural lash, and the volume set uses fan clusters, for a more dramatic look. How do we know what set to go with? Great question, I’m glad you asked. Our lash expert will meet with you to go over your lifestyle, preference, and eye shape and size. Together you will create a road map to your perfect lashes. We source and use the best products on the market to ensure you look and feel amazing. Our adhesive is medical grade, oil proof and waterproof. We use faux mink lashes in our applications, and follow a high standard of application, isolation and care. 

Classic Set || $195  || 2 hours

2 week fill : $65.   || 1 hour

3 week fill : $85    || 1 hour

4 week fill : $100  || 1 hour


Volume Set  ||  $245  || 2 hours

2 week fill :  $85 || 1 hour

3 week fill :  $105 || 1 hour

4 week fill : $125   || 1 hour


Anything past 4 weeks is considered a full set application. 


Brow Tinting &  Shaping

We use a gentle plant-based tint that has been formulated for eyebrows and lashes. Tinting your brows will make them look full and give a more youthful appearance. If you feel like your brows are light, faded or almost non-existent, this is a great option for you.  Our expert brow specialist will trim and shape your brows using a comfort, strip-less wax. Traditional wax is available as well.

Facial and Body Waxing

Why stop at the brows… we can remove any unwanted hair on your face and body. Make sure your legs are smooth for the mini skirt and your kitty is pretty for date night.  Yup, we do Brazilians from the top to the bottom. Men are welcome too, no one wants to take their shirt off and look like they are wearing a sweater. It will only hurt for a minute. The hard wax encapsulates each hair, providing a more effective, gentile removal of the hairs.


The technique, which has been the primary mode of hair removal in Asia for centuries, consists of rolling twisted cotton thread over the hairs, which unceremoniously rips each follicle right out of its pore. It’s all about precision, it gets every single hair, no half-grown strays are left behind. We can thread one hair at a time or a line of hair, giving you well-defined brows. This service is recommended every 3-4 weeks and should be maintained at home with tweezers.