Breathe Easier At Hot Mess (Meet Our REME HALO)

After a few weeks of being back in our Asbury Park studio with all of our tribe and guests, we wanted to be sure you knew a bit more about one of the extra steps we’ve taken to keep our community healthy.

Have you noticed you’re breathing easier in the salon? That’s no coincidence. It’s actually our new air filtration system.

While not everyone has this state-of-the-art system, we truly felt it was the best way to ensure everyone’s safety.

Wondering why this is such a big deal to us?

Here’s Why We’re Proud To Have The REME HALO at Hot Mess

No matter how much cleaning and disinfecting we do at the studio, if the air isn’t as clean as it could be, there’s a greater chance of someone getting sick.

So, when we were planning our return after the initial pandemic closure, we decided to make sure we had the best air filtration system available.

To be clear, our air has always been clean and we’ve always had an air filtration system in our Cookman Ave studio.

But the REME HALO?

Well, it’s not your typical system.

The REME HALO is an air purification system that operates through our studio’s air ducts. As the air circulates, it’s purified so that airborne and surface contaminants are reduced.

The US Military approved this system to protect against mold in field hospitals and it’s been shown to kill 99% of the bacteria, viruses, and microbial growth.

The fact that the system was effective with viruses was essential to us and, while there’s not yet enough research on any system in regard to the current virus, it’s been over 99% effective in addressing similar viruses and kills 99% of sneeze germs at 3 feet.

So it’s obviously a system we trust to deliver exceptional air quality. (And If you want to learn more about the REME HALO you can check it out here.)

What This Means To Us

The REME HALO filters the air so well that the results far beyond what typical air purification systems do.

And not many places in our area, let alone in Asbury Park, have been able to secure it. But we wanted to ensure the health of you and our tribe.

We hope you walk into the studio and breathe a little bit easier knowing that we’re doing all we can to take care of you while you’re here.

See You Soon

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