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Everything You Need To Know About The HydraFacial

Have you had a HydraFacial yet?

It’s a state-of-the-art machine that gives you the most incredible facial of your life as it cleanses, peels, extracts, hydrates, and protects your skin.

And we’re willing to bet that by the end of this post you’ll be ready to schedule your first (or next) HydraFacial at Hot Mess because we’re diving into five key reasons we love our HydraFacial system.

Let’s go!

Photo Credit: HydraFacial

It’s a Tailored-To-You Experience

We offer three levels of HydraFacial at Hot Mess: The Signature, Deluxe, and Platinum.

This Signature HydraFacial uses super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid and leaves you feeling phenomenal in just 30 minutes.

The Deluxe includes all the cleanse, extract and hydrate steps of the Signature but adds another layer of personalization. During your Deluxe HydraFacial, our Skincare Tribe will address your specific skin concerns with HydraFacial boosters and protocols. And the facial ends with LED light therapy to reduce signs of aging.

Our Platinum HydraFacial starts with lymphatic drainage. After that process, you’ll receive the signature HydraFacial, the booster of your choice, and LED light therapy.

But that’s not where the customizing ends. You can also add lip and eye treatments to your HydraFacial to take your facial to a whole new level.

It’s Great For Your Skin’s Long Term Health

Needless to say, the HydraFacial has a huge impact on the overall health of your skin. But its anti-aging benefits are not just skin deep. The system is designed to remove debris from your pores and infuse your skin with peptides and antioxidants. It can even skin tone, help with skin elasticity, address age spots, and even return that natural vibrancy to your skin.

It’s Soothing And Relaxing

Some of us still wince when we think about our first facial. And hearing someone say “extracting” when it comes to our pores makes us a bit antsy. But HydraFacial is designed with a unique system for getting impurities out while still making your facial relaxing.

So sit back and relax as you get the soothing effects of a facial without the “ouch”.

Photo Credit: HydraFacial

HydraFacial Cares About Hot Mess

The HydraFacial team is so supportive of the salons and spas that use their system and is invested in the success of the salons that use their technology. The team has been phenomenal whenever we’ve reached out and they’re truly in our corner offering the latest updates, best practices, training, and new products so that we can bring you the most amazing HydraFacial possible.

No Downtime. No Irritation.

The last reason we love HydraFacial? There’s no downtime or irritation.

You don’t need to wait to find out how phenomenal the system is.

The proof is in the mirror.

So, if you’re tired of waiting days to find out if your facial made an impact on the health and look of your skin, you’re going to love HydraFacial.

Oh, and speaking of waiting: Gone are those super-red-faced days post-facial.

When you get your HydraFacial, you can go about your day afterward without worrying about how you look or whether you’re impacting the results of your facial.

In fact, the HydraFacial is often called the Red Carpet Facial because so many celebrities schedule their HydraFacial right before big red carpet events. It gives them an amazing glow and it can do that for you too.

Ready To Experience Hydra Facial For Yourself?

You can book your next appointment here.

And you can learn more about HydraFacial here.

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