The Hot Mess Tribe: Hair Extension Experts

Want longer hair without waiting months to grow yours out?

Our Hot Mess Tribe has you covered.

We’re experienced extension experts who will help you get that head-turning length in a way that makes the most sense for you, your hair, and your lifestyle.

Many of our stylists continue their education by learning new techniques for extensions and we carry the most sought-after brands (including Hairtalk, Great Lengths, and JZ Styles) so you know that what we apply to your hair is of the highest quality out there.

From clip-ins to hair attachments like ponytails, to permanent extensions, you’ll have what you need to look hot whether you’re walking the boards or walking down the aisle.

Here’s a quick introduction to the types of extensions we offer at Hot Mess.

Weft Extensions

Weft extensions are added to your mane by sewing in your extensions along a beaded base to give you volume and for an easier reapplication when you need things freshened up.

You might choose weft extensions if you’re tired of daily clip-in extension sessions or you want to highlight the texture of your hair without changing it.

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in extensions are temporary sets of hair you can add to your hair daily. If you’re dipping your toes into extensions. This might be your best bet. We’ll let you know all about the at-home care steps when we have our consultation.


These individual extensions are added to your hair using a hot fusion approach that protects hair from damage and creates a natural layered feel.

These extensions can handle color appointments in between extension applications so you can switch things up when it works for you.


Tape-Ins are applied with adhesive to enfold around your natural hair. These extensions require more routine maintenance but they give a lot of stunning coverage.

I Tip Extensions

I-Tips are applied strand by strand using either glue or heat. Your natural hair is strung through a bead and then the bead is attached to the hair.

You might like this type of extensions if you like changing up your look more often or find yourself putting your hair up often

What Extensions Are Right For You?

If you know you want extensions or you’re looking to change up your look we’re here to help. As extension experts, we’ll recommend the right type of extension for you based on your needs and hair goal.

Our consultation and application process involves looking at your hair condition, texture, maintenance needs, color, and what you want out of the experience. Then we’ll chat with you about what extensions we’d recommend and schedule your application appointment.

After your application appointment, we’ll talk to you about how to care for and maintain your hair extensions and plan for your next appointment so you always look and feel your best.

Curious About Extension?

Ready To Get Some Length Going On?

You can schedule your extension consultation with one of our tribe’s hair extension experts by giving us a call at 732-774-3515 or visit us on our website here.

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