The Style Rocket In-Studio Store Is Evolving!

If you’ve ever been in to see us at the studio you probably know about our 15% discount at our Style Rocket store on your day of service.

Maybe you wandered the racks as you made your way in or picked up a new outfit to go with your fresh cut and color.

And with all the changes coming to our Hot Mess community (from our new logo to all of the new ways we’re keeping you safe in the salon) we thought it would be a great time to tell you about the changes coming to the Style Rocket Store.

But first, a quick story...

How Style Rocket Launched

In the ’90s and early 2000s my husband, Mike worked for a company called Music Marketing. It was his introduction to online selling and Style Rocket was born from that experience.

First, his store was home-based and then he moved the inventory into a warehouse in Asbury Park(which he still maintains).

After that, Gary Matolla of Mattison Marquette approached Mike about doing a brick and mortar on the boardwalk.

In fact, Mike signed the first lease on the Asbury Park Boardwalk when he picked out the cozy retail space.

It looked out over the ocean.

What more could he want?

The store opened in the summer of 2008. Right on time for one of the greatest economic downturns in U.S. history in 2009. Families, businesses, and entire industries had to endure economic hardship like never before.

Then, in 2012, Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast. To say that it devastated the Jersey Shore, including the Asbury Park Boardwalk is an understatement.

I still remember arriving at the shop with Mike the day after Sandy came through. The ocean literally made its way into the Style Rocket store. His storefront was ravaged. But we had to figure it out.

We shoveled and wheel borrowed wet sand out of the space so that the walls wouldn’t rot or grow mold. It was not how either of us imagined owning a retail space would be, but that manual labor? It saved our space.

And when I expanded and moved Hot Mess Studio down the street from 651 to 600 Cookman Avenue, we decided to add a Style Rocket in the space.

It seemed like a natural fit and it’s been wonderful to bring those two worlds together.

Style Rocket Changes

While the Style Rocket at the boardwalk will continue to be the same beach and surf style store you know and love, the store in our salon will be growing to offer an even more awesome experience that matches the vibe of our salon.

We realized that our salon was elevating the way we do things and we want to be sure our Style Rocket store followed suit.

In the coming months, we plan to offer pieces from local and high-end brands. We’re excited to keep things local while elevating the vibe in the space to make it a total shopping experience.

Always Growing

From the early beginnings of our Style Rocket store, we’ve continued to push on and move forward. We always keep going and growing, in how we show up for you. And now is no different. We know it’s the perfect time to grow the brand as we come through these changes in a new and exciting way. We can’t wait to share the new Style Rocket Cookman store with all of you!

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