Weddings in the Time of COVID-19: 3 Key Things To Consider

We know that the current pandemic has changed a lot of plans for a lot of couples and so today we’re sharing some insight on navigating your wedding in the time of COVID-19.

Wedding Season

Tara, Max, and the whole Hot Mess Tribe love collaborating with wedding parties.

But we know that the current pandemic has changed a lot of plans for a lot of couples and so today we’re sharing some insight on navigating your wedding in the time of COVID-19.

Note: As of the writing of this piece salons have not been given the go-ahead to reopen and social distancing ordinances are still in place limiting the number of people who can gather in a particular place. You may find this blog updated if such an announcement is made.

So, if you’re gearing up for your wedding during the current pandemic here are a few important things to consider.

Navigating Wedding Date Decisions

Whether you were planning for a reception with 50 or 500 guests, right now you may be navigating the decision to keep your wedding date or reschedule it.

At Hot Mess, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of what wedding planners and happy couples are doing and some of their approaches are thoughtful and creative.

We’ve spoken to some future partners who have decided to celebrate their original wedding date in some way.

We’ve heard of people keeping their date, getting married on that day, and postponing their reception until the social distancing guidelines allow for larger gatherings.

And we’ve heard from others who are rescheduling their big day for late 2020 or even 2021.

If you’re in that last group here are some things to consider as you reschedule your wedding.

Decide What’s a “Must” For You

Rescheduling a wedding is not something most people plan for and it may feel like an awfully big challenge.

We encourage you to take some time on your own and with your partner to decide what your “non-negotiables” truly are.

Some things to think about as you make your non-negotiable list include:

  • What people (family and friends) need to be there?

  • Are there any must-have colors, accents, decorations, or vendors?

  • Are you open to changing your venue or ready to wait until that space becomes available?

Choose a New Date

When selecting a new date for your wedding be sure you’re considering your needs, your partner’s needs, and the needs of your key players (family members and wedding party members especially).

You’ll also want to consider how a change of season might impact your wedding’s overall feeling, the attire needed, and how you’ll want to decorate your venue.

Finally, when selecting a new date, be sure you consider the availability of your venue and vendors.

Connect With Venues and Vendors

Part of the process of selecting your new date will be connecting with your vendors and venue. That’s why the non-negotiable list is so important.

If your venue or any specific vendors (from your DJ to your florist to your hair and makeup crew) are on your “Non-negotiable List” you’ll want to be sure that the date you reschedule to works for them.

You’ll also want to give yourself plenty of time to evaluate the contracts you might have with your current vendors, cancel and adjust as needed, and find new vendors for that new date if needed.

Let Your Guests Know

Once you have your new date, you’ll want to be sure to let the key players know it’s been decided and then loop in your wedding guests.

Whether you send out paper-mail adjusted save-the-dates or decide to email everyone pointing them to your updated wedding website, be sure to find the right way to reach all of your guests in a timely manner.

Giving everyone plenty of notice will allow for adjustments to travel plans and will give everyone ample time to prepare to show up for you on your big day.

Staying Safe While We Make You a Hot Mess

We’re committed to keeping all of our Hot Messes safe.

We’ll clean everything and sanitize it all as we prepare for your arrival and we’ll keep the entire process streamlined so you don’t need to touch much or get too close to too many people.

We’ll do all we can to accommodate you and your wedding party to the best of our ability and we’ll do it all with our usual Hot Mess style so you feel phenomenal when you head off to marry your favorite person.

One Thing Is Certain: Your Love Story Remains

Whether you reschedule your wedding or decide to just go for it and keep your wedding date while postponing your reception, there is one thing that will not change in this time of uncertainty: Your love for the person you’re marrying.

This may be a challenging part of your love story but it may also be the part where you come together, united even more, and ready to take on the world together (regardless of what it throws at you.

Your post-pandemic love story may shift the date of your wedding but it won’t change the love that you’ll celebrate that day.

Love always wins.

Hot Mess Is Here For You No Matter What’s Next

Whether you decide to move your date or celebrate in a more low-key fashion, the team at Hot Mess is here for you. And we can’t wait to celebrate with you too!

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