What You Might Not Know About The Style Lounge

Have you been to The Hot Mess Style Lounge in Long Branch?

It’s our second home at the shore and you’ll find it at The Wave Resort, a luxury boutique hotel and event space.

The Style lounge is our intimate space offering blow-out memberships, makeup, and event styling.

And today we’re sharing a few things you might not know about our Long Branch location so you can get to know the Style Lounge a bit better.

So here are a few things you might not know about the Style Lounge.

First: Hot Mess Was Invited To The Wave Resort

When The Wave Resort was still in the plan and build phase, Tara was contacted by The Kushner real estate development team. They were looking for existing, successful businesses that would complement the space and we were among those that came to mind.

We were flattered (It’s nice when someone acknowledges your hard work and the business you’ve created) and gratefully accepted.

The Wave Resort is the newest space in the Pier Village family and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it as well.

Photo of our team at Wave Resort captured by Kiersten Gluck

It’s The Perfect Salon For Weddings and Events

Our Style Lounge is located in one of the most stunning event and wedding locations the Jersey Shore has to offer.

So, it’s naturally the perfect place to head for your wedding or event-going hair and makeup needs.

Tara at Wave Resort captured by Kiersten Gluck

Speaking of Events...

In fact, the SOAR Women’s Symposium recently hosted their event at The Wave Resort. Tara spoke at that event and Jenn, one of the event’s co-founders, is the editor for Tara’s forthcoming book.

And what about Jess, the event’s other co-founder? Well, Tara and Jes were neighbors growing up and it really is just that small of a world down here at the shore.

More than that, the entire Hot Mess family is proud of the organization for bringing powerhouse women together to grow and share their journeys.

The Style Lounge Is Stunning, By Design

Tara worked with Michele Pelafas, a premier salon and spa designer from Chicago to design the space. Michele helped to design the space’s layout, hand-select furniture and lighting fixtures, and choose the perfect finishing touches that make our Style Lounge amazing.

Everything in our space was curated from Michele’s high-end studio and the results are evident to everyone who enters the space: The place is elevated, welcoming, and stunning.

Want To Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more about The Style Lounge you can visit our site here.

Want to see more photos from The SOAR Event? You can check them out here.

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