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Why We Love Oribe and Kevin Murphy

Wondering why your hair always looks so good when you leave Hot Mess?

Well, part of it is the skill and knowledge of our Tribe, part of it is your own beauty, and the other part? It’s probably Oribe and Kevin Murphy. We use both of these brands in the studio and today we wanted to put the spotlight on them so that, the next time you’re ready to try a product at home, you can style and maintain that “just left the salon” cut and color.

Meet Oribe

(Photo: Behind The Chair)

Who They Are

Oribe is the haircare brand for “The Hair Obsessed”. And we definitely fall into that category. They’ve elevated the game with fine fragranced hair products and beautiful results. Their high-end approach to hair care is unmatched and they were actually the first brand to bring that elevated approach to a larger audience in a time when most people were buying their hair products at a big box store.

Oribe Canales, the founder, was a dynamic man: Immigrating to the U.S. from Cuba as a child, he opened a salon on the Upper West Side in 1984 and soon became the go-to stylist for photoshoots and fashion shows for the likes of Versace and Chanel. He’d go on to open a salon at Elizabeth Arden on 5th Avenue with the most-of-the-moment and glamorous decor, a complement to his sultry, big, and beautiful hair approach. He styled Jennifer Lopez for her debut On The 6 album and would go on to continue his career of truly brilliant work that evolved with fashion and culture while still staying true to himself.

Why We Love Them

From volume to cleansing to conditioning to innovative color formulas, Oribe uses research to back everything they create.

And we love it when a brand takes hair care as seriously as we do.

Oribe makes everything paraben and sodium-chloride- free. Everything is cruelty-free. And their products offer UV protection for hair while still being color and keratin treatment safe.

(We also love their perfume-inspired bottles…)

Products To Try

Check out Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray and any of their conditioners if you’re looking to be wow-ed!

Meet Kevin Murphy

Who They Are

Kevin Murphy products are designed to change the game when it comes to washing, styling, and coloring your hair. The brand is environmentally-minded and always creating new and innovative ways to push the envelope on what is possible in haircare.

Performance, strength, and longevity are the hallmarks of the brand and their products help people around the world create high-fashion looks at home.

Why We Love Them

Two words “Beach Hair”. Kevin Murphy is often best known for his work as a photoshoot or session stylist. His work for Australian Vogue put his signature beach hair look at the forefront and his ability to create styles that blow us away, that’s undeniable.

Kevin Murphy uses amino acids to repair hair (including split ends) and the natural ingredients like Peruvian bark and bamboo moisturize hair without weighing it down.

His products are amazing for your hair and kind to the environment. So, as a beach-town salon, we couldn’t be prouder to carry his products and to use them at Hot Mess.

Products To Try

If you’re just dipping your toes into the Kevin Murphy water, we’d definitely suggest looking at his styling products.

Smooth, touchable strands?

All yours.

Perfect, wavy beach hair any time? You’ve got it.

Bring Kevin Murphy and Oribe Home

We use both Kevin Murphy and Oribe products at the studio.

So, the next time you come in for an appointment, let us know if you’d like to take anything we use to make you a Hot Mess home with you.

And if this post reminded you that you have to book your next appointment, you can do that here.

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